RainMaker Flows Overview

"Flows" are automated email, text messages, tasks, post cards created for your contacts based on triggers that happen.

Triggers like...

  • They become a prospect
  • They join a program
  • They stop attending classes
  • They have a birthday
  • They are expiring from their current program
  • They earned a rank
  • They were tagged with a Flow Tag
  • They bought a Trial Lesson

For example, you can set up a Flow to send a different email message every few days to those who sign up for an intro lesson.

Once they become a student, the flow stops. Then you can set up a Flow that starts sending emails to all your new students informing of them of dojo protocol, how to tie their belt, etc.

We have created some help videos to show you exactly how to do it.

Part One: Watch a quick screencast on how to set up automatic email and text message marketing to all new Prospects.

Part Two: Create a Flow based on your students joining a program.

Part Three: Flow Tags, start a flow as soon as you tag someone.

Start creating your First FLOW!

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