Automatic, Set-It and Forget-It Marketing To Your Prospects - FREE!

Announcing our biggest upgrade to RainMaker yet!

We call it "Flows."

Imagine a potential contact fills out a form on your website, or stops in your school requesting information on classes and instantly they are enrolled in an automatic follow-up system of Text Messages, Emails and Voice Recordings.

Every few days they receive a special offer or a new benefit explained to them, inching them closer to enrolling in your program. We call these "automatic, set-it once and forget-it" type of communications Flows.

Best of all it is a part of RainMaker FREE, and always will be. To get started, go to Message Center and start your First FLOW. We are rolling this out in BETA, which means we are still working out the kinks, and improving the experience.

However, it is fully functional and works great.

Watch the Video Tutorial

Watch the Video Tutorial PART TWO

Start creating your First FLOW!

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