ECHECKS Status Updates

Please Note: To use this feature, you must use USAePay as your internet gateway.  If you are using as your gateway this will not be available, however, it's easy for us to change your gateway account.  If you are not sure what gateway you use, look under school settings.  It's easy to change gateways, and in most cases it's cheaper, just contact RainMaker HQ to change gateways.

Automatic Updates

If you use ECHECK (aka ACH or Bank Drafts) to bill your members, RainMaker submits your request to the member's bank and it can take anywhere form 4 to 7 days to get a response from the member's bank to see if it was approved or declined.  RainMaker now checks the status of each ECHECK transaction each day to see if there was a status update from the bank. When RainMaker requests the money from your member's bank account, we update the status of that transaction as "Submitted", you can see the entire list of "Submitted" transactions by looking at the report "autoCollect ECHECK / EFT / ACH Pending Transactions" If there was a status of "Approved", then we mark the transaction "Approved" and update your  reports accordingly. If it comes back as an error or declined, we do a few things...

  1. We rollback their payment to the previous date (making their payment past due, allowing RainMaker to attempt again in 5 days)
  2. We add the payment back in to the Payments Remaining
  3. We make a note of it in the member's Comments section of exactly what happened
  4. We send the member an email letting them know their bank declined the transaction and ask them to call the school to take care of it.
  5. We add the declined transaction to the Report "autoCollect ECHECK / EFT / ACH DECLINES" so you can stay on top of all declined transactions.

New Reports

New Sections Added to Financial Detail Report

On the Financial Summary/Detail Report you will notice a new section in the INCOME BREAKDOWN titled "Total Pending ECHECK:", this is the amount of money we have requested but has not cleared the bank yet. We also added a column "Total with Pending ECHECK:" to show the amount we have collected with the pending ECHECKS added in.  This number should accurately reflect how much money you have collected if all ECHECK transactions clear.

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