How Future Pay Works

This section will help you better understand what Future Pay is all about.

In this short video training you will learn how to set up future payments that will automatically charge your student.

Here is a great example on how Future Pay can help you. Let's say your student wants to buy a sparring gear package, but they need to pay you in four installments, one today, then one every week for the next three weeks.

You will use the Future Pay feature to set up the payments, then on those days, autoCollect will automatically charge those installments. You could use it to help a student pay their downpayment. Break up their downpayment into X number of future installments. Have you ever had someone say they do not get paid till the 15th?

Use future pay to set up the payment today for the 15th, then you can forget about it.

On the 15th the payment will happen automatically for you.

1.  Go to student profile page

2.  Scroll down to payments tab

3.  Click blue “Add Future Payment” button

and appropriate information.

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