Why didn't my member get billed automatically?

There are several reasons why a member did not get automatically collected.  

Here is a list of things to double check:

  • The member MUST be marked as a "Student" or an "Inactive but Still Paying" as a contact type.  If they are marked "Prospect" or "Former", RainMaker will not bill them automatically.
  • Look at the billing company.  It must be autoCollect.  If not, they will not be billed automatically.
  • Look at the "Next Payment Date."   Is it accurate?  Is it today or before?  (please note, autoCollect runs automatically everyday at 8:00am EST.  If it's before this time, it has not run yet.)
  • Look for number of payments remaining.  It MUST be greater than zero.
  • Has the program expired?
  • Look under Payment History.  See if there are declined payments.  Maybe RainMaker tried to collect it and it was declined.

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