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How to Add RainMaker Tracking Code to Track Web Site Visitors

By using this code, you will be able to track how many people are visiting your web site, how many are filling out your web forms (opt ins), how many are being called and coming in to take a trial lesson, how many are actually becoming members.  So you can track your website marketing from first visit to enrollment.

This code will need to be pasted in your web site page right before the </body> tag:

<script type="text/javascript">
document.RainMakerSchoolID = XXXX;
<script type="text/javascript" src="https://addmembers.com/RainMaker/process/RainMaker.js"></script>

Do you see the line above that reads...
document.RainMakerSchoolID = XXXX;

You will need to change the XXXX to your RainMaker School Code.

That is it.  RainMaker will start tracking your page hits.

If you are using "Thank you" pages for your web site leads, make sure this code is also on all Thank You pages as well.

Want to start tracking Leads and Sales?

You will need to set up a web form by logging into RainMaker and then going to Settings -> Web Forms and then adding a new web form.

More info on how to create a web form can be found here...

Here is a direct link to the Web Form Settings page.
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