Web Forms - Additional details

RainMaker has a built in way to create the necessary code to copy and paste into your website so that prospects are automatically added to RainMaker.  You can create it using a step-by-step process located at Settings > Webforms.

You can also have your web admin POST these required fields to the following URL:


  • SID - Your RainMaker School ID, located on front dashboard next to your name.
  • Email
  • ReturnURL - Where do you want the person to be redirected to after we accept their info
  • formID - Required, value needs to be 0 (a zero)


  • Tags - Comma separated, must match tags in RainMaker (Settings > Tags)
  • FName - First Name of prospect
  • LName - Last Name of prospect
  • Phone - Home Phone
  • Mobile
  • SendTo - Email address of busienss owner or sales team member you want the lead to go to
  • website - the url of the website that this lead came from
  • address
  • city
  • state
  • postalcode
  • benefits
  • interests
  • comments

Any extra fields you send will be ignored by RainMaker but passed through with the email lead.

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