Use your barcode scanner with RainMaker

How to use Barcode Scanners with RainMaker
Barcode Scanners are basically little computers who read an image of an actual barcode and turn that image into a word or a number or mixture of both numbers, symbols and letters.

Since there are many different brand names of barcode scanners, and each manufacturer has their on method of programming their scanner, RainMaker does not provide assistance in programming your existing scanner.  However, if your tech savvy, you may want to dive right in.

Here is how.
The type of barcodes RainMaker prints are Code 128.    You will need to make sure your scanner is programmed to read that type of barcode.

RainMaker Desktop Software looks for a barcode "prefix."  The prefix RainMaker looks for is a ^.  (look on your keyboard above the number 6.)  Your scanner should be programmed to have the prefix of the ^.  This let's RainMaker desktop software know that you are scanning a RainMaker barcode and not just typing away some numbers.

You also need your barcode scanner to add a "suffix" of "Enter Key."   So after it scans the barcode it sends a Return or an Enter as if you were hitting that key on your keyboard.

To sum it up..

  • Must read Code 128 type of barcodes
  • Must have a scan "prefix" of: ^
  • Must have a scan "suffix" of ENTER (or Return) key.

Typically, in your manual for your brand of scanner there is a way to simply scan barcodes to program your scanner.  If you have lost your manual, a simple Google search of your brand of scanner and the model number with "manual" will return a manual you can download.

Read the manual on your computer and print the pages you need to scan.  You must print the pages because it won't scan from your computer screen (I have tried :))  And you only need the pages that you need to scan, so have a plan before printing.

Call your manufacturer's tech support, tell them you just bought the scanner recently (typically manufacturers only help you with this if bought in the last few months) and tell them you need the following requirements:

    • Must read Code 128 type of barcodes
    • Must have a scan "prefix" of: ^
    • Must have a scan "suffix" of ENTER (or Return) key.

Here are some additional resources...
If you have a Symbol LS2208 (other Symbol Scanners might also use this), download this guide.

Have a Honeywell Metrologic?  download the guide.


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