Why is my transaction report showing a different amount than my category report?

Very Important Note about Category Report vs Transactions Report.  

The numbers could be a little or a lot off depending on several things outside of RainMaker's control.

Payments come into RainMaker and are associated to an Invoice, not to items on that invoice which has Categories assigned to them.  So when someone makes a payment they are paying towards an invoice that could have multiple line items (and multiple categories), and they could use multiple forms of payments and they could also pay on that invoice over multiple days.  Therefore it is impossible to give an accurate report on how much money was made in each of your categories if the invoice is still left partially unpaid (an Open Invoice) or if they paid spanning different days (reports typically are calculated using a date range, so if the invoice was started on one day, but payments were made outside of your date range, it will be off).  

However if all your invoices are paid in full on the same day, your Category report will be 100% accurate at the time you run the report.  

Your transaction report will ALWAYS be 100% accurate.  

If someone comes in and pays on an open invoice, then your reports will reflect that as well.  

If you need to do financial reporting based on actual payments made, the report "Financial Transactions Summary/Detail Report" will always be 100% accurate.  

Category Reports should be used as an overview of money collected and Transaction Report is based on all money received.

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