How do I cancel my RainMaker account?

It's easy to cancel your RainMaker account.

Simply log into RainMaker, from the top menu go to Settings, then select "Cancel RainMaker"

You need to be logged in as the Owner of the school.


Please understand (terms of cancellation)...

  • It takes up to 3 business days to cancel your account.  We call to verify cancelation.  If you have an automatic payment scheduled in the next three days, it may still go through.  We will refund that payment.  If you have members scheduled to be drafted, those payments will need to be handled by you.
  • Once you hit cancel we will keep your data around for the next 60 days in case you decide to come back.
  • Our Rates have increased, if you decide to come back in the next 60 days we will honor your current rate.
  • After 60 days, if you decide to come back, our current rate will apply.
  • We will delete your account and all it's data, Flows, email history, rank promotion history, attendance, financial transactions and encrypted payment information in 61 days.
  • We appreciate your business, if there is anything we can do to help you in any way, please call us (888) 293-0972
  • We will never hassle you to stay, but, if you just need help, we are always available.
  • There will be no cancelation fee.
  • If you are a USAEPAY Gateway account holder, we will cancel your USAEPAY account immediately, meaning all autoCollect billing will be stopped, and if you need to re-enable the account, a $100 setup fee will be required.
  • We will stop billing your members upon cancelation.
  • Your web forms will stop working.
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