How do we get started with RainMaker?

1. Sign up for RainMaker:

Click here to become a RainMaker

2. Get your data exported from current provider

Here is the page with the CWAY contact for data export info and what to ask for:

3. While waiting on export or entering data yourself, watch and use RainMaker Ninja Training Videos:

Training Videos

4. Complete RainMaker Settings.

5. Register for Orientation Webinar.

6. Get started with payment processing -

(Cway clients can not use their current EONLINE data provider. We can point you to another provider if you wish)

-We integrate with a company called PaySimple. They are a merchant processor, ACH processor and gateway all in one.

Here is a link to information about PaySimple. Click on the Contact Us button and fill in the necessary information. They will have one of their fantastic representatives get in touch with you to answer any questions and get you set up. It is EASY, FAST, and they do not charge a set-up fee!

Request contact from a Pay Simple representative

Click the link below to review Pay Simple's rates.

Rates with Pay Simple

-If instead you would like to have a different merchant processor then here is the link to the steps you will need to take to get set up for payment processing:

Other merchant options

7. Add staff/users

8. Begin using “Core Four” - Attendance, Point of Sale, Contact and Member entry,Appointment Book.

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