Class Limit Alerts


On the Dashboard of RainMaker we have a section for Class Limit Alerts.

The members listed in this section are attending more than the allotted classes for their primary program. This is based on the average of the last four weeks.  The number in the parenthesis are the total atendance last four weeks.

This list is only for primary programs.

This list is created by counting the number of classes the member took in the last 28 days (four weeks) and then looking at the max classes allowed per week of their primary program and multiplying that by the four weeks.  If their attendance is greater than the max allotted classes, we list them in this section.

This list is useful for two reasons.  First, if someone is coming too often and not paying, they may be a candidate for a longer term program or an upgraded membership.  Secondly, If you do not have an upgraded program, this would show you who needs to be reminded to come only the allotted times.

To set up the max classes, go to Settings > Programs.  You can edit the max classes per week by clicking a program name.  Then in the Max Attendance Per Week Box, place your preference.

Go to Top Menu > Settings > Programs

Edit the value for Max Attendance Per Week for that program.


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