How to Make a Month to Month Program in Settings

How to Make a Month to Month Program in Settings

When you add a program to a student you are given the choice for the duration of the program and from there you can choose for it to be open ended and never expires.  If you want to be able to track stats on your programs that are month to month you will want to make a program that is only for month to month students in your settings.

Below are steps on how to make a month to month program.

1. Go to Settings on your top toolbar and click on Programs.

2. Under Program enter in the name of your program.

3. Under type choose monthly membership.

4. Under Total Price, Down Payment, and amount financed leave them all at 0.

5. Under number of installments enter 999.

6. Under monthly payment choose the amount of the payment you will be collecting.

7. Under number of lessons put 0.

8. Under for stats choose either basic, upgrade, or not tracked.

9. Under max attendance put in the max amount of classes you allow these students to  come into class each week.  If it is unlimited enter 0.

10. If you want this program to be available for purchase in your online portal check the sell online box.

11. Click add and you are done.

Below is a video tutorial on how to do this.

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