Multiple School Locations and Guest Attendance

If you have multiple schools that each have their own RainMaker account and you would like the members to be able to attend a class at any of your locations, you can do it in RainMaker.

  • Call RainMaker HQ and ask us to link your locations together.
  • When a guest from another location comes to your school, go to "Add Contact."
  • The contact type will be "Guests of another location."
  • Once you chose the contact type, two selections appear, Guest SchoolID and Guest Contact ID.
  • In the School ID select the location they are a member of.
  • In the Guest Contact ID start typing their name and select the member from the list that appears.
  • Add any contact info you would like, then save the contact.
  • Now they will show up as a contact for adding to Rosters or Manually adding an attendance record.
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