Using Multiple Locations in Web Forms

Using Multiple Locations in Web Forms

If you have more than one school with RainMaker and you also use RainMaker's web forms to collect your leads from your website, there is a way to edit your web form to allow your prospects to choose which location they are interested in.  Once you have this set up your web leads will come into the specific RainMaker account that is tied to the location they are interested in.  In order for you to be able to do this you will need to have your multiple locations linked in RainMaker.  If we have not done this for you already contact client support and request to have your schools linked.  Follow the steps below to set up a location choice in your web forms.

1. Go to settings from your top toolbar and click on web forms.

2. Click view and edit form on the form you wish to make changes on.

3. Scroll down to the section that is titled locations.

4. On the drop box select let them choose a location.

5. Scroll down and click re-create form.

6. Scroll down to web site code.

7. Copy the code.

8. Delete your current form code from your website.

9. Paste in your new code.

Watch the Video Below for a Video Tutorial on How to do This

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