Get Set-up to Accept Payments in RainMaker

Get Set-up to Accept Payments in RainMaker

In order to take payments in RainMaker you will need a merchant processing account that we can integrate to your RainMaker account.  This will allow you to take tuition payments, point of sale payments, online checkout page transactions, and automatic withdraw transactions inside your RainMaker account.

We use a gateway called USA ePay to connect your processor with RainMaker.  If you go with our recommended processor, there is no monthly fee or set-up fee for the USA Epay gateway.

Credit Card Processing with ProfitStream 

The merchant we recommend to accept credit card payments with is Profit Stream Payment Solutions.  We listed their processing fees below.  To get an account with them, go to the link below and fill out their application.  ProfitStream will then email you a form to approve and sign.  Once you have signed the online form, it will take 2-3 business days on average for your account to go live in RainMaker.

Credit Card Processing Fees:

o Swiped Transactions via Terminal 1.65%

o Non-Swiped Transactions 2.19%

o Non-Qualified Surcharge 1.20%

$0.29 Per Transaction

Gateway set-up fee and monthly fee is paid for you by ProfitStream when you use them as your merchant processor.

All other fees, assessments and other charges related to credit card processing, including but not limited to credit card fees and assessments, batch settlement fees, return fees, chargeback fees, and high ticket surcharges will apply at Profit Stream’s then-currently offered pricing.

E-Check/ACH Processing with Vericheck

We integrate with VericCheck for check processing. Their charges are a one time setup fee of $20. $5 monthly fee and only 55 cents per transaction, NO PERCENTAGES. 

Attached to this page is an application to fill out and fax to Vericheck if you would like to offer bank drafts as part of your billing options.  The fax number to send the application to is on the application.

Click the link below to download the Vericheck application.




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