How To: Set Up Month To Month Programs

Do you need to know how to set up a "Month to Month" or "Open Ended" program in RainMaker?

Here's how:


1.  Enter Program Name

2.  Type:  Choose "Monthly Membership"

3.  Enter your "Program Description"

4.  You can leave total price as "0"

5.  Enter your Down Payment for this program.  If you just charge the first month's amount, that is your down payment. (This should reflect tuition only).

6.  You can leave Amount Financed as "0"

7.  You can leave # of installments as "0"

8.  You can enter Payment as your monthly payment amount.  Example:  $150

9.  # of Lessons/Class Credits:  0

10.  Months:  0

11.  Choose "Basic (tracked as new member), Upgrade or Not tracked.

12.  Set Max attendance for week, or set to "0" if unlimited.

13.  Check the box "Sell online" if you wish for people to be able to purchase this program through your online portal"

14.  Click "Add"

See article: How To Convert a Prospect to a Month To Month (open ended) program membership


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