FLOWS the RainMaker Team Recommend

RainMaker FLOWS are a great way to maximize the use of RainMaker.  Once you create a Flow, it will work for you day in and day out forever.  Freeing you to do other things.

"Flows" are automated email, text messages, tasks, post cards created for your contacts based on triggers that happen.

Triggers like...

  • They become a prospect
  • They join a program
  • They stop attending classes
  • They have a birthday
  • They are expiring from their current program
  • They earned a rank
  • They were tagged with a Flow Tag
  • They bought a Trial Lesson

Here is a list of FLOWS (in order of importance) we feel will help you grow.

  • Missing in Action Flow
  • Missed Appointments Flow
  • Prospect Flow targeted at each age group: Pre-Schoolers, Kids, Teens, Adults
  • New Student Flow
  • Flow for those who Quit
  • Program (membership) is about to expire
  • Promote Birthday Parties / Wish a Happy Birthday
  • Congratulations on Earning a Rank

This is not meant to be a complete list.  You can automate a lot of your tasks by using Flows.  This list is a great start.

Let's dive right in and talk about how you can create these RAINMAKER FLOWS.

Missing in Action Flow

When your member stops attending classes, we can automate the communication to get them back training.  Create a new FLOW and title it MIA.

Our recommendations:

  • On day 8 Missing send a text message "This is Master Sell, when will I see you next in class?"
  • On Day 8 Missing send and email "This is Master Sell, when will I see you next in class?"
  • On Day 10 Missing, send a text message, "This, is Master Sell, when will I see your smiling face on the mat?"
  • On Day 10, send an email, "This, is Master Sell, when will I see your smiling face on the mat?"
  • On Day 11, create a task for one of your team members that says "Call this member, and ask when we will see them."

You can create an unlimited amount of steps for MIA in the same manner.  I try to eliminate questions like "Where are you???"  "We miss you!!!" etc.  I focus on what our outcome is... get them back training again.  Asking questions put their focus on taking action.

More help on MIA Flows:

Missed Appointments Flow

We work hard to get a prospect to make an appointment, and RainMaker has some great built in automation to automatically remind the prospect of their appointment.  We suggest that you add this in right away, and you will see a greater amount of prospects attend their appointments, which will lead to more enrollments.  RainMaker can automatically send them a text message the day before and the same day of their Appointment, as well as send them an email the day before and the same day.  We recommend using both text messaging and emails.  RainMakers report seeing a dramatic increase in their appointments showing just by sending them a text message.

But sometimes life happens, and they still miss their appointment.  By using RainMaker Flows we can automate the process of getting them to re-schedule their appointment.  You can even send them a link to your available appointment times for them to choose and RainMaker will automatically add their appointment to the RainMaker appointment book (calendar.)

  • On Day 1, send an email and a text message saying "Sorry we missed you yesterday, can you click the link below to re-schedule your lesson?"

Please Note: This flow works off of you saying if an appointment "Showed" or not, be sure to mark all the appointments before leaving for the day.

Prospect Flows

In RainMaker you can create "code" to be pasted in your website to start collecting leads that will be automatically entered into your RainMaker account as prospects.

One of the best Flows you can create is a flow to nurture these leads that can turn them into Prospects and Trial members.

I would send them 3 or 4 emails per week for the first few months, then once or twice a week for the next 12 months, then once a week for the next few years.

Instead of constantly selling them, I would focus on educating them on the benefits of your program and tips for a better life.  So, for kids, maybe send out really cool parenting tips, bullying tips, etc.  For adults, send health and fitness tips, self defense tips, home safety, etc.

By educating them, you gain more trust, and gain their attention.  You set yourself up as an expert and an authority.  However, If your emails look like a "hard sell" marketing campaign, you may wind up in their trash.

New Student / New Member Flow

When a new member enrolls into your program we want to create a FLOW based on the program they enroll in. The program you put them on should be reserved just for beginners. If you renew this person on a the same program, the program should actually be a different program, an idea would be the same program name with the word "renewal" on the end so it is treated as a separate program, if not, then when you renew them they will get all the new member Flow steps, not really what you want.

The new member Flow will serve two purposes.

First, to welcome them and educate them on your school.

Second, prepare them for your upgraded or longer term program.

We educate them gradually, every few days, smaller and easy to read messages.

We have always heard that “Work on your business NOT in your business.” This is a great way to work ON your business. You are creating a framework that you will use for years. For YEARS in the future the work you are doing NOW will give you so much benefit and make your life easier AND make you more money.

And I can’t do this for you. No one knows your school and it’s culture better than you. You will be able to create these emails from your heart.

I did this at my martial arts school using RainMaker Flows 8 years ago… So for 8 years this has been working FOR me. I spent a few weeks writing each of the steps. Serious focused time. It was real work for me because I believe I have the writing skills of a 6th grader tops… but my message was clear and came from my heart. I immediately started seeing returns on my time investment. More people were committing to longer term programs, more excitement in the beginner ranks, better looking students because they knew more, etc.

When you enroll a new member tell them this… “Over the next few days I will be sending you some emails. It is VERY important that you take just a few minutes and read each one. I will be explaining how we do things here, and it will really help your growth here at our academy. Will you take the time to open and read each one? Great!"

Here is the formula… [THERE IS GOLD RIGHT HERE, take action!]

(attach this FLOW to all new members (non renewals) who join your entry level program only)

- Welcome letter
- Bios of the Staff
- School Etiquette
- Curriculum Video Links
- Any helpful videos like how to tie the belt

- Stripes
- Belts
- How to earn Ranks/Stripes
- How to be a good student
- Parents Role in Training

- Rank Testing Procedures
- Equipment Suggestions (link to Profit Gen)

- Benefits of Long Term Training

- Features/Benefits of your Upgraded Program
- Why they should join the next program
- What they get in the Upgraded Program
- How to Qualify for an Upgraded Program


Remember, if they already joined your upgraded program, they will not keep receiving this FLOW, they will receive another FLOW intended for that program.

NOW… go take action.

Block out some focus time, no distractions and start creating your FLOWS.

KEEP it simple.

KEEP the emails SHORT. Easy to read.

SUPPLEMENT it with videos on YouTube explaining it when it seems right.

REMEMBER that you are talking to a single person. Write it as if you are right there making eye contact with them. CONVERSATIONAL writing.

Flow for those who Quit

We hate it when a member quits.  RainMaker recommends that when someone quits, that their experience quitting is still a positive one.  We then can automate a RainMaker Flow to periodically follow up on them, reminding them we are still available and we welcome them back at anytime.

Day 1 Email:

We are sad that you have decided to put your training on hold.  We wanted to let you know that anytime you want to train again, you are always welcome back.

You will never lose your current rank.

Hope to see your smiling face back on the mat soon!


Sensei Steve

(813) 555-1212

Day 30, 60, 90, 120 Text Messages:

This is Sensei Steve.  Was just thinking about you today.  Hope you will be back soon. You are welcome back at anytime.

Program (membership) is about to expire

About halfway through their initial membership, use RainMaker Flows to educate them on their next step in their training.  Explain the long term benefits of sticking with your program.  Keep it benefits focused.  What will they get out of their continued training.  Paint a vivid picture of how much better their future will be if they continue to train long term.

As the membership comes to an end, give them their options and invite them to speak with your enrollment team.

By the time they have a renewal conference, they will be more educated and excited abut renewing their membership.


Promote Birthday Parties / Wish a Happy Birthday

If you do birthday parties in your location, you can automate the promotion of the birthday parties.  If you do not, just use the Birthday Flow to send a birthday card and a birthday email.

  • 7 days BEFORE their birthday, send a Birthday Postcard in the mail using RainMaker FLOWS
  • The day of their birthday, send them a text message saying "Happy Birthday from all of us at Sensei Steve's House of Pain."
  • 120 Days BEFORE birthday, and at 90, 60 and 30, send an email letting them know all about your birthday parties.  Use a Profit Generator link for them to actually pay for the birthday party.

Here is an example email...

Parents of {FNAME},

We noticed that {FNAME} has a birthday coming up in three months and wanted to tell you all about the exciting birthday parties we have right at the dojo.

Our parties are a blast!  Kids love them, and best of all, no clean up or work necessary on your part!

Our parties are 1.5 hours of fun.  We provide pizza and drinks, plates, cups, napkins, hand sanitizer and balloons.

We also provide the facility and the martial arts instructors to handle the party.

All you provide is the cake and the candles. And enough goody bags to hand out to your guests.

Of course, you can certainly bring any extra food or themed decorations if you like.

Ready to book your party? (Our parties are very popular and dates get booked quickly!)

Get More info and book the party:



Sensei Steve

 More help on Birthday Flows:


Congratulations on Earning a Rank

When a member earns a rank, you can send them a FLOW.  It can congratulate them on their latest accomplishments, and educate them o what to expect at their newest level, or even let them know what they need to buy (including a link to a Profit Generator.)



More help on Flows

Hungry for more help?  We have video tutorials on Flows!

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