How to Use the Vacation Log

How to Use the Vacation Log

RainMaker has a vacation log feature that allows you to log a start and end date of a students vacation.  When you log a students vacation, the student will not receive any missing in action emails or texts.  You can also use the vacation log for members that you do not mark as attended in RainMaker.  If you have a member that you do not mark in attendance and you do not want them receiving any missing in action text messages or emails, you can log their vacation start as the day they started and the end date as 12/31/2099.  Follow the steps below to mark someone on vacation.

1. Go to your students profile page.

2. Scroll down to the section that says related members.

3. Click on the attendance tab.

4. Scroll below the attendance log and you will see the vacation log.

5. Enter in the start and end date of the vacation and click save.

Watch the video below for a video tutorial on the vacation log

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