Automatically Rescheduling a Missed Appointment Online

You can automatically send out an email/text message to those who missed their appointment to ask them to quickly schedule their appointment online without the need to call your business or your staff calling them.


  1. Create a FLOW titled "Automatic Reschedule of Online Appointment"
  2. Do not choose age groups, gender, or contact type.
  3. In the dropdown box for the trigger, choose "Misses an Appointment".  Then save.
  4. Now Add a new step to the Flow. Make it 1 day after they miss their appointment, choose send an email (or text message)
  5. Type up an email, then say "Click the link below to reschedule your appoinment:" and then paster the following link...
  6. Click Save.  You are done.  Now an automatic email (or text message, or both) will be sent to them requesting them to book an online appointment!

Video walkthrough...


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