Employee Time Clock in RainMaker

To use the employee time clock in RainMaker follow the steps below:


1. Go to Settings > RainMaker settings > Time Clock Prefs, check box where it asks "


2. Make sure you have your staff as users in RainMaker. You can do this by going to Settings > RainMaker settings > add/edit users.


3. To have your staff clock in and out, navigate to the tool bar and hover over "view calendar" then select "employee time clock". They will select their name from the drop down and enter the password you provided them when setting them up as a user in RM.


Thats it! You are done. Now you are using employee time clock in RainMaker :).


If you are wanting to view the total time or add additional time for your staff or an individual staff member you can do this by going to reports > under Financial Reports > select "Employee Hours (Time Clock Report)"


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