*Canada Only* How to Get Set-up to Accept Payments in RainMaker

If your place of business is located in Canada and you would like to get set up, so you can start taking payments in RainMaker by the point of sale, profit generators, and automatic tuition payments then follow the steps below to get an account with Bambora (formerly called BeanStream). We do not currently use any other merchant except Bambora (BeanStream) for Canadian accounts.

Follow The Steps Below to Get Your Processing Account with Bambora:

Download the application below, fill it out and send the completed application to applications.northamerica@bambora.com

Bambora Application


Below is a list of Bambora's Fees for processing payments.

Credit Card Processing Fees:

Setup fee: $49

Monthly: $20

Per Trans: $0.20

Rate: 2.7% for Visa/MC/Discover

Direct Debit/Direct Deposit fees:

Setup Fee (EFT): $49

Monthly Fee (EFT): $10

Per Trans (EFT): $0.25

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