How to Refund a Payment if you are using PaySimple

In this article I will show you how you can refund a payment in a students profile. If you are using PaySimple please follow the steps below to correctly refund any payment that was taken through RainMaker. 

   1.  Search for the student on the home screen by typing the name in the search bar. 


   2. Scroll down on his profile and click on the payments tab. Locate the payment and click on the description of that payment.      

     3. Make sure that the amount to refund is correct. Keep in mind that if you are using PaySimple you cannot do a partial refund or refund the same day. PaySimple requires the payment to settle before you can refund the payment. (EFT's can not be refunded through Rain Maker. We recommend you write a check for the student or refund the check from PaySimple, which may take a few days because the check has to settle first.) 


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