How to add/edit employees

In this article I will explain how to add/edit employees into your RainMaker. Each employee will be given their unique username and password to be able to log in to RainMaker. This will help you keep track of what every employee does in RainMaker or any changes made since many things are logged. Below are the steps on how to add/edit the employees in your RainMaker. 


      1. From your homepage hover over settings, hover over RainMaker settings, and click add/edit users.


      2. Once you are directed to the next page you can click on the blue 'add user' button to add a new user or click edit next to the persons name to edit the information of the employee. 


       3. Go through each section and fill out all the information of the employee. Keep in mind that the "owner" user roll is the only one with access to the settings section in RainMaker. When you are selecting what you want them to view make sure that if you want them to have access to more than just the attendance and appointment book, uncheck the option for instructor view only.



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