How to add Multiple Forms of Payments to a Member

Some situations call for there to be multiple forms of payments on file to pay for a students tuition.  An example of this would be a students parents who split up and now Mom needs to pay half and Dad needs to pay the other half.  In RainMaker a program can only hold one method of payment.  To accomplish multiple forms of payments we will need to add multiple programs.  Using the scenario above, we can make a program where Mom's card is on file to pay half on the first and then we can add a secondary program with Dad's payment info to pay the remainder on the 15th.  Follow the instructions below and watch the video tutorial to learn how to do this.

  1. Go to the students profile.
  2. Click to add a program or if it is a prospect click convert to member at the top of the page.
  3. Enter all of the program details that you want to be charged on the first method of payment.
  4. After the program has been added choose quick actions > add a new program at the top right of the members profile page.
  5. Under how to handle this current program choose to make this a secondary program.  
  6. Continue to enter in the program details you wish to be charged on the second form of payment.



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