Point of Sale Set-Up User Permissions

Point of Sale Set-Up User Permissions

RainMaker has many different permissions for users in your RainMaker account.  This allows you to customize what you allow your employees to do in RainMaker.  One of these permissions is for the point of sale set up page that allows you to add and edit products, packages, and categories.  Follow the steps below to grant or restrict access to the point of sale set-up page.

1. Go to Settings at the top toolbar.  Hover your mouse over rainmaker settings and click add/edit users. 

2. Click edit to the left of the name that you want to grant or remove access to the POS set up page.  Check on or off the ability to view or edit the POS product and click update user at the bottom.



Once this is complete, if one of your employees tries to access the POS set-up page, another page will pull up an access denied page for them.


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