How to Use the Member by Age Group Reports

How to Use the Member by Age Group Reports

RainMaker's customizable age groups allow you to group your members into 4 categories that you get to choose the title of.  Assigning members age by groups helps you out by allowing you to communicate via text, postcard, or email to specifically chosen age groups.  You can also pull reports on each age group to see who all is in the age group and how many members you have in each age group.  If you wanted to see your ratio of kids to adults you could pull up the report on each age group to see the total amount of members you have for each group so you can figure out your ratio of members.

Follow the steps in the GIF below to see where you can find these reports at.  

If you would like to learn how to set up your age groups go to the link below.

Age Group Set-up

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