How to Add Members as Family by Adding a Program

How to Add Members as Family by Adding a Program

A family membership in RainMaker means that one member will be chosen by you to be the contract holder.  Their program will charge one lump sum for the entire family and any family member that is attached to the contract holder will share that program.  

The information below will show you how to attach family members together by adding a program.  This is the only way to have all family members appear on the contract.

1. Choose who you want to be the contract holder.  Go to their profile page in RainMaker.  If they do not have a profile yet, then make them one by going to members > add new member from your top toolbar.

2. On the contract holders profile page, if they are a prospect click convert to member.  If they are already a member click on quick actions at the top right and choose add a new program.  Add a program and make sure the financials are set to charge for the whole family.  

3. After you add the program and get past the downpayment screen you will be taken to an area to add family members.  Enter each family member in here that you would like to be added to this program.


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