Understanding How to edit Programs in Financial Programs Info Box

The financial programs info box allows you to edit a lot of information on the students primary and secondary program. That being said, it is very important to understand that what gets edited in the programs financial info box will not change their actual contract. The only way to change information in their contract is to replace it. The financial info box will let you put the students account on hold or change when you want it to collect next or how many payments the students has remaining. It is very important you and your staff are familiarized with how to edit the info box. 

When would you need to access the financial info box?

1.) Pausing Payments: If you have a student who will be away for a few months you can put their account on hold until they decide to come back that way it does not collect any payments. 


2.) If you took a payment in-house and their account still shows as past due: If you took a payment in-house and the students account is still showing up as past due you will want to make sure that the financial info box reflects a next payment due date for the next day it should collect. If it does not, edit the next payment due date. 


3.) If the student no longer wants their payments auto-collected and want to change it to in-house:

To change the way you will be collecting on the program you will want to change the billing company. Keep in mind that if you want it to auto-collect it must say auto-collect. If you notice your payment did not collect make sure that section says auto-collect. If it does not then that is the reason it did not collect. 


4.) If they want to change how often they pay:

Some students will call you and ask if you can change their collection frequency from monthly to weekly. You can easily do this by editing the box and changing the payment frequency. Also remember that is you change the frequency you have to change the number of payments and the amount. You just have to do a little math. 

*hint hint* If you ever have a client who is showing up past due or for some reason it did not collect a payment, I would recommend looking at your programs financial info box first before you contact us. You might be surprised you will have been able to have figured it out before you even need to call us. :)



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