How to Manage Late Fees and One Time Credits

Towards the bottom of the programs financial info box you will notice two options, which are the option to add a late fee or remove a late fee and the option to add or remove a one time credit. Below is a description of each. 

Late Fees:

Late fees are added automatically by RainMaker if you have it set to add a late fee when a students payment was unable to be collected. To change the amount to add simply go to settings> rainmaker settings> rainmaker settings> financial and POS settings. 

If there is a late fee in that section, it will collect the next time RainMaker automatically collects tuition. If you process the payment manually, it will not appear as part of the tuition in the invoice so you can either add it manually or have Rainmaker collect it automatically the next time it collects. If you want to remove that fee simply click to adjust and enter 0.00. If you want to stop completely collecting late fees on a student click edit member above their picture and scroll all the way to the bottom and uncheck the late fees option and save. 

One Time Credit: 

If you happened to have over charged a student or they returned an item and want the credit to just be applied to their tuition, you can enter a one time credit for them. This will get applied towards their next tuition so if their tuition is 100 dollars and you add a one time credit of 20 dollars, auto collect will only collect 80 dollars. 

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