Updates for 12/09/2015

Updates for 12/09/2015

Below is a list of our updates for 12/09/2015

  • When doing a $0 dollar transaction in RainMaker you were logged out and had to log back in.  This has now been adjusted.  You no longer will be logged out of RainMaker when doing a $0 dollar transaction in RainMaker.
  • On the page that displays your email campaign stats there is a resend button to the right.  If you had a really long subject line it would push out and hide the resend button.  This has been adjusted, so the long email subjects will no longer hide the resend button.
  • You can longer enter in a brand new gift card number that has been used in the past.
  • Before only the primary program would have a past due pop up when you went to their profile.  Now secondary programs will also display a pop up when a student is past due.
  • Paid Event type profit generators will now make you put in at least one pricing option before completing.
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