Updates for 02/5/2016

Updates for 02/5/2016

  •  Trial Tracker- added ability to sort by tag. This will allow you to narrow your view down to groups that you have made with tags.
  •  Trial Tracker- removed class grouping.  This was removed because the functionality already in place with the ability to sort the columns approved on this.
  •  Trial Tracker- trial start date is corrected.  Date was not sorting correctly and has now been adjusted.
  •  Trial Tracker- Hide columns changed to select columns.  When you selected hide columns it had you select which ones you want to see.  The wording change more reflects what you are actually doing.
  •  Low Class Credit Report- added functionalit and new last attended column.  This improved the look and abilities to export in many different file types.  The added last attended column helps you see who is active and who is not on your member low class credit report.


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