Updates for 05/06/2016

  • Report for stripes earned now has the staff member listed who assigned the new stripe.
  • Trial Members now show on the Update Next Test Date Report.
  • Trial Members now show on the testing eligibility report.
  • Trial Members now show on the report for who did not test.
  • New print receipt option added for receipt printers.  The option to print a 3 inch receipt is now available after applying payments to an invoice.
  • Timezone for Hawaii users now displays correct date and time
  • Removed the option to continue charging member when making them former.  If student quits and you still want payments to be approved, you will mark them as inactive but still paying and not a former member.
  • Stats report was displaying appointments that have been deleted, it does not show deleted appointments anymore.
  • Contacts will no longer show as MIA as soon as you change them from a prospect to a trial member.
  • Future Payments now except quotes on card holder and name on check fields.
  • MIA call list now shows the name of the program they are on.
  • End of Day report now separates Trials and Members attendance.
  • Team Messaging now allows to delay send a message.
  • Name of class rosters now allows up to 100 characters for the name of the roster.
  • Members active report over time report was timing out.  This report now does not time out.
  • Profit generator registration list now shows new registrants at the top of the list, so you do not have to scroll down to see the new registrants.
  • New client video pop up error has been resolved.
  • Emails sent from template builder and profile pages, did not have an unsubscribe link.  The unsubscribe link has now been added to those emails.
  • We also added various database improvements that will make our application compile more efficiently and some additional security for school files for our clients.
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