Updates for 07/29/2016

  • We added some logging on when a user edits the trial class credits or trial expire date. It will log the user, what was changed and date/time.

  • We updated the verbiage on this email that gets delivered to the contact that has an order that has arrived at the school. Made it more clear and understanding to the user.

  • We added some additional sizing to the list of sizes baed on some requests by our users. We added sizes “Ladies 3XL” and “Ladies “4XL”.

  • The users school logo was being warped/truncated due to the size we were displaying on the digital contract, we increased the size so that the school logo appears correctly.
  • Based on some updates that were made in the POS we had some tuition based transactions show up in this report twice. We normalized the way we were fetching those records to correct this. We also enhanced this report to split up the autoCollect tuition tax and POS sales tax into their own panels.

  • Profit Generator registration page had some incorrect spelling, which we corrected.

  • This handler was not setting tuition type transactions accordingly causing other handlers that check the statuses for these types to be missed. We corrected this so we catch these types of records.

  • We made enhancements on the search parameters based on the date that is entered. We were not displaying a few records on this report because of the date search parameters.
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