Updates for 08/05/2016

  •  (Digital waiver creation) - We enhanced the way we were entering the Source detail field for when a user completed a digital waiver.
  • (Testing Eligibility Report) - We fine tuned this report by setting the proper rank details based on the style the user selects in the drop down list. We also updated the way we were calculating the eligibility details for the contacts next rank. Before we were calculating based on the rank the contact was already in.


  • (And other procedures) - We updated the way we were displaying past due contacts. We know show a contact past due 1 day after their due date. So for example if a contacts next payment is due on the 5th, they will display as past due on the 6th.
  •  (Contact page) -  On the financial programs info box we were not rounding up the total on total account balance for a contact which was showing something like this $1234.4567376767686. Now we round up so it looks like so $1234.46

  • (Adding a program to a contact) - We updated the validation so the page does not jump around on the user when adding a membership for a contact.


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