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With Rainmaker there are two different types of gift cards; rewards card and a gift card. The rewards card is used like a coupon card. You can give them out to students for contests or referrals. Gift cards are actually purchased by customers and given out to be used. 


First you will go to POS>Gift Card. There you will enter the new card information such as the purchaser, card number, description, payment amount and what the card type is. Then it will ask you if you want to charge the student the amount for the card, if it is a gift card you will charge, if it is a reward card you will not charge the student. To issue a Gift Card you will first go to POS and process a invoice for the sale of the gift card. To set up a rewards card you will go to POS>Gift card and add a new one as a reward card. 


You can use a Gift card to purchase things in a regular POS transaction or with a Profit Generator. To use it in the POS you will make the invoice like normal, then select gift card when it comes to collecting the payment. 

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