While any idea may seem ‘simple’ in isolation, introducing any additional device to a set of connected moving parts requires a degree of details and attention not just to ensure it works properly but that nothing else is disrupted.  
Interested in learning more about what goes into adding or enhancing an element, feature, report, tweak, etc into RainMaker?
After prioritization, our engineering and product team starts.
The discovery, planning, and implementation process includes consideration of the synergy of all connected services, functions, etc in concert with an awareness of:     
  • Additional reporting that may be necessary or requested based on the new element.
  • Error handling
  • Validation to help users avoid entering ‘bad data’
  • Dependencies on other functionality and data
  • User interface and user experience design
  • Notifications to users/clients, client support, developers, possible anonymous visitors if public facing website related, and even possibility of notifications to members/customers (like PG receipts for example)
  • Business rules and logic
  • Configurations and administration
  • Instrastructure (scale,security, maintainable code, performance ( how will this addition use resources during peak times such as memory, CPU power, data requests, etc )
  • Database considerations ( adding tables, relationships, columns, etc )
  • Logging and audit tracking of changes made by users, and more.
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