Using Your Online Scheduler to Schedule Appointments

The Online Scheduler is a great tool to use if you are wanting to have existing contacts schedule Appointments online! We allow you to choose the times you are available, by setting up Available Appointments in your Appointment Book. Then you simply send your contacts a link through RainMaker and they can choose a time to book an appointment! 
There are step-by-step instructions and a video on how to set this up below! 

Setting up your Available Appointments: 

Go to Appointments > Appointment Book to Access your Appointment Book: 

Double Click the time and date of the Appointment you would like to have available:
(For the purposes of this training, I will make a Tuesday, March 31st at 8:00am)

You will then have a popup to set your appointment: 

Choose the "AVAILABLE" appointment type and choose a resource and duration for the lesson: 

If this is a recurring lesson, click the word "Enable" to choose when you would like this Available Appointment to repeat: 

Choose what days you would like to have the Available Appointment Repeat, then Save the Appointment. Available Appointments will repeat for one year :

If you would like to allow more than one person to schedule each time slot, simply make multiple appointments for each time slot. I would suggest making 2-3 as a MAXIMUM number of appointments available at each time to allow more appointment times to be seen by your contacts, since the number of appointments your contacts will see is limited.  

Finding your Online Scheduler Link:

Now that you have set up your Appointments to be available online, you can send your contacts the link to be able to schedule! 

**Note: This link MUST be sent through RainMaker to connect to your Appointment Book!.**

You can find the Online Scheduler link by going to any of your member profiles with an email address and click the blue email address: 

You will get a popup to email that student. In the "Scheduler and Digital Waivers" section, choose the "Send Online Appointment Scheduler option: 

This will pre-fill an email to send to that specific person. If you are only sending to that person, you can simply complete the email and send here, or of you are sending to a group of people, you can copy the link provided here, and send the link via Email Campaign. 

**Note: This link MUST be sent through RainMaker to connect to your Appointment Book!.** This means it is not to be put on social media or sent through your personal email. 

When the students have the link:

When your students receive the link via email, they will simply click the link they receive, and will be shown the next 15 appointments to book. They'll simply click the time/date they would like, and their information will automatically fill in the available appointment slot, so it will no longer be available: 



Once they select an appointment, it will change from green in your Appointment Book to beige and will now have the contact information for the person that chose the appointment time:



Here is a link to a quick video tutorial as well:


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