How to Use Your Online Portal to Schedule Classes Online

As classes get more and more full, or if you have a limit to how many people you have in class, you may want them to start reserving their classes online to ensure you do not have too many people show up! This can help you avoid that awkward moment of having to send a member away when they are excited and ready to take a class. 

To do this, you will first set up Class Rosters for each class you would like to be available online have by going to Settings > Class Rosters. It is best to set up a separate Roster for each time and day available.

**Be sure to choose a class size limit and also check the "Sell this class online through the Online Scheduler" option at the bottom of each Roster!

For instructions on how to set up Class Rosters, click here: 


Once You have your Class Rosters set up, you'll want to be sure you set up your Online Member Portal so that members will be able to log into it and sign up for classes. 

To set up your Online Member Portal,  you can go to Messages > Online Portal. And configure your settings there! Just be sure to check the box that says "Allow to Schedule Classes" 


You can also set up your Welcome Page Content. This is what your members will see when they first log into the Online Portal. Be sure to click the "Save" button before leaving the page!


Once you have your Online Portal set up, you can send your students the link to your online portal. You can find this by going to Messages > Online Portal. The link is at the top of the page. 


When your members log into the Online Portal:

Your students will click the "Need a Password" button on the bottom of the page and then they will need to enter the email address they have on file with you. Then they will receive a temporary password to use to log in. 

They will then be able to log into the Online Portal! 

When in the Online Portal, they will be able to click the "schedule classes" option to choose a class and reserve a spot! 

They will simply click "Schedule Classes:"

Then they will see a list of your classes available online. They can choose to see More Details of each class:

Then they can then choose to Register: 

They can book just one day, or a recurring class: 

Once they click to Book, they will receive this confirmation: 

****If you have a maximum, number of people you can have in each class, be sure to remove your students from each Roster after the class has ended! 

You can do this by going to Settings > Class Rosters, and clicking on the Roster you want to remove the members from.
Scroll to the very bottom and click to "Remove all members from this roster"

This will ensure that the Class Roster is available for your next group of members to reserve a spot online. 


If you would like to see video tutorials for this process, they are listed below: 

Step 1 - Creating Class Rosters:

Step 2 - Setting up and getting the link for your Online Member Portal:

Step 3 - Students getting logged into your Online Member Portal and reserving a spot in classes.

Step 4 - Seeing who has reserved a spot for each class and Clearing Rosters after Classes:

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